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Looking rapid PCR testing in Ca or Seattle

I am planning a trip to Croatia. Croatia requirement for entry is a PCR test for Covid 19 that less than 48 hours old. Does anybody know where I can get such a thing near any of these airports: SMF, SFO, LAX, SEA?

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From the news reports I have seen, getting the results is the wild card. "Pick a number between 1 and 10" (days).

I have no 'real' answer for your question. Hopefully someone can help, but from the random unpredictable nature of the turn around time for the results, you have a 'how long is string?" kind of issue.

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Sorry to see you haven’t gotten any leads on this. Bump you back to the top.

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hi Bets, yup, this is a tough one. Its looking like my only option may be to arrive with an "expired" test and hope for a minimal quarantine. Kinda risky plan tho.

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Its looking like my only option may be to arrive with an "expired"
test and hope for a minimal quarantine.

What about being more flexible and simply postponing the trip? That seems like a more rational option.

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john w: Check with the Croatia consulate in the US and see if they have an issue with you being tested in country. I have heard, second hand, that one US couple did that just recently. Or if they will accept the test you receive by email a day or two into your quarantine? I would suspect both circumstances are a reality. the key is making sure the people that test you, email your results to you. Its what I am counting on for my trip in September......

The instant result tests are relatively cheap so I will take one of those at the same time as the PCR so i know if its worth getting on the flight. We all just assume we will be negative, but with a disease with so many cases with no symptoms ... thats not a safe assumption. I am also buying pretty comprehensive trip insurance that covers cancellations due to illness as well as in country medical (actually required by a number of countries) and evacuation. That's another $350 for my trip plus my 2 required test and one feel good test and I am up to about $600. I found airfare about $300 less than what I have often paid for the same trip so I figure I am running $300 extra on the budget. Spread over 24 days of the trip and extra $12 a day is not that consequential....