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Looking for Newark airport hotel for 12 hour DAY layover

I'm flying from Honolulu to Milan with a 12 hour layover at EWR (7am-7pm) and haven't been able to find any hotel that will book me into a room for the day (with a layover rate). The Newark Marriott advertises layover rates but will not book ahead of time, only on the day of travel which in my case will be Friday, September 25. I'd rather not leave it to chance on a Friday. Every other hotel I contacted will ONLY book regular night rooms -- which in my case would make the most sense for Thursday night but with check out at noon (maybe with a late check out at 2pm -- this still doesn't really give me the full day to rest). Most of the airport hotels I contacted had never heard of a "day" rate and none of the 6 hotels that I called would even consider it. I could hang out in the United lounge but 12 hours is a long time.... I know I will be tired from the HNL -LAX - EWR half of my trip to Europe so any rest (and a hot shower) will help me hit Italy feeling more rested. I'm traveling on my own and haven't been to Milan before.

My initial plan was to go into NYC during this layover but then there is the issue of what to do with my luggage (am traveling with carry-on only) and it certainly won't be restful doing that. Any suggestions would be appreciated for this Hawaiian girl.

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I would spend the 12 hours in Manhattan. This place will store your bags for a fee:
They have a location near Penn Station, which is convenient since there is direct train service from EWR to Penn.

The two United lounges at Terminal C are typically filled to capacity from 12 noon till late night so it won't be a restful place to hang out.

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Did you call Hilton Newark Penn Station? They have an airport shuttle and are in the train station, so it's super easy to take the train into Manhattan if you decide to venture out. There were a lot of airline employees there when I was there, so that's why I think it might be an option, but I would talk to the front desk at the hotel, not the reservations call center.
There is a website called that offers rooms at a Best Western Plus for $85, so that could work too.

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Thank you for the suggestions. It's good to get confirm my suspicions about the United lounge and get info about a luggage storage option in NYC. I've also heard that major chain hotels will often store luggage even if not a guest? I will look into the day use option that was mentioned too.

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Newark Airport is worlds apart from Newark .Newark, while somewhat dangerous at 1AM and every other time, still is somewhere I'd rather be over Nowhere, New Hampshire or something.
Depends on what tier you're open to. Marriott? Probably not. But some other hotels at EWR (Days Inn, Wyndham Garden, etc.) are much more flexible in my experience. Those hotels might actually rent rooms by the hour anyway

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Newark, while somewhat dangerous at 1AM and every other time

The central business of district of Newark is perfectly safe. There are lots of busy office buildings and corporate HQs located there. In fact Panasonic just built their North American HQ right smack middle of the city. Adjacent is the Iron Bound neighborhood which has lots of excellent Brazilian and Iberia restaurants with very reasonable prices. It contains some of the best chow in the entire Big Apple region.