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Kyoto - Sagano Railway/Hozugawa River Cruise

Hi there.
I'm looking for specific info about doing the Sagano Railway one way and then taking the Hozugawa River boat ride back.

If anyone has any insight or info, I'd love to get some info about this.
I've seen some YouTube videos, but I'm looking for specific info about the logistics, like where and how. I have a general understanding of where the train station is (Arashiyama area of Kyoto) and I've looked up the train station on Google maps, but I'm not sure how to get from the train to the boat. Maybe it is easier or closer than I'm imagining (at least I hope it's close and not too confusing)
I've been on their websites too and it looks like we can just walk up and purchase tickets on the day, realizing that we might have to wait since it is quite popular.
I'm more confused about the boat portion of this. When we get off the train, how do we get to the boat or to the place where we get the boat tickets? I'm not sure if we have to purchase train and boat tickets separately or if I can purchase them at the train station before boarding the train.

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