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Kumano Kodo

I am going to be hiking about 40 kilometers of the Kumano Kodo over 4 days in July with 4 other women. I was wondering if anyone else has done any part of this pilgrim trail and how difficult it was. ( I do hike but am on the "bigger boned" end of the fitness spectrum.)
Also wanted to know about the weather in July for southern Japan. I am use to hot weather but was wondering about the higher elevations and how to pack. Thanks,


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Early July will be quite warm, late July will be hot hot hot. Lots of the Kodo is in forest, but much of it is also exposed or walking through villages on streets. There are some steep sections, but elevation change will not really change the climate here in the summer. Carry lots of water, go at a reasonable pace, and you should be fine. If you hire a guide for your time, or for a portion of your hike, they will set an easy pace and help you fin the best places to rest.