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Kruger National Park, S. Africa

I am wanting to rent an RV and travel through Kruger National Park. What is the best month to travel there to see animals and birds. Is there a rainy season at the park? Anyone see the park in an RV? thanks for all suggestions

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Southern hemisphere summer can have torrential rains (mid Oct to late Feb you're going to stay soaked to the hide), but the waterholes get full so the game is more concentrated.

Winter is more pleasant, but you have to do more driving.

Most of the animals are always around somewhere, but the bird migrations show up in summer.

Overall, I'd pick May or June. The weather is almost ideal and the bigger animals are starting to migrate.

You see RVs in the campgrounds, and there's plenty of them. It's not a big expedition - - you show up at an entrance, fork over your money, get a pamphlet and trash sack, and you're gone. Double check before you go, some of the main roads get closed for miles and miles and you have to circle around outside the park to get anywhere.

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