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Kilauea Volcano Erupts

good morning all
got message from my sister that the volcano erupted this morning at 1:30 hawaii standard time. volcano erupts on hawaii's Big Island, plus a 4.4 earthquake
madame pele "goddess of fire" is mad at someone or something
stay safe and aloha

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Mahalo for the first hand report. I had reported earlier on the "alphabet thread" under "K" that 2020 is still being tested! Yes- stay safe to all our HA friends & families. Aloha & mele Kalikimaka!

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Not too much on the news about this, guess it isn’t news worthy. Hope your family and friends are safe.

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Not too much on the news about this, guess it isn’t news worthy.

It is not news worthy ( on the mainland) until lava is running across roads and buildings are burning.

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Mt. Etna (Sicily) has been active lately as well. Everything wants to get in on 2020.

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Hawaii volcanoes are usually gentle compared to Italians. Garrett Hongo ("Volcano: A Memoir of Hawai'i " , 1996) wrote of his wife's reaction to seeing the glow of volcano activity from their house in the town of Volcano next to the National Park. Hongo who returned to his Volcano, HI birthplace for his sabbatical. His wife grew up in the state of Washington during the Mt. St. Helen explosion time frame. In response to her concern seeing eruption glow in the night sky viable from their bedroom, Hongo had her call the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The Observatory on hearing her concern proceeded to explain how she could drive to a viewpoint to see the active volcano. When his wife told the person that she could see the eruption from her bedroom, his response was to ask why she bothered to call if she could see the eruption.

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Just saw photos of the lava lake. It's 470 feet deep and covers 54 acres. The colors are iridescent.

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hey hey all
@paul, haven't heard about mt sicily, but like you say everyone wants in this year 2020 with a few more days left of the year.
@edgar was in hilo up kaumana when volcano erupted in 1996. was gonna take a ride to volcano to see from afar but family members needed help to gather items and store at my parents house, not knowing where the lava would flow.
today sister says so many people are visiting eruption, no heeding to warning of staying away and not going beyond barriers or sitting on rim to see up close. plus helicopter tours are booked for fly overs from hilo and kona.
stay safe everyone for the holidays