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Japan Rail Pass


Me and my husband are planning a trip to Japan on November 2015. I've been reading and found that most people use the Japan Rail Pass. I found this page: but I don't see where can I buy the pass and the price. We are planning on visit Osaka - Kyoto - Tokyo in that same order and we might pass by Mt. Fiji at least to see it from far....

Any advice would be extremely appreciated!



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I have not been to Japan in almost 20 years, but I strongly advise you to look at individual tickets vs the Japan Rail Pass. On one trip we flew to Osaka, went to Kyoto, the mountains, to Tokyo and it was cheaper to just get tickets when we got there. On another trip we went to several islands and the pass paid off. Osaka is a great city to fly to -- short distance to Kyoto -- much nicer than Narita for Tokyo. All this was a long time ago so things may have changed.

Rail system in Japan is superb and you can set your watch to when the train arrives.

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My husband and I used the 21 Day Japanese Rail Pass (Ordinary) about 20 years ago. We did a lot of hopping on and off at little towns and big cities. I am a paper retailer so we explored many nooks and crannies for the purchase of beautiful washi papers. We had a blast! We definitely got our monies worth out of the pass. The Ordinary Seat version of the pass is more then adequate. We plan on buying the pass again when we return to Japan. There are no extra reservation fees on top of the cost of the pass like with the European passes. If you only plan on riding the Japanese rail line on only a couple of occasions, individual tickets might do you. From what I have been told by my Japanese friends, Japanese trains are very expensive if you plan to purchase point-to-point tickets. Here is the link to purchase the Japanese Rail Pass, Have a wonderful trip!

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Thank you all very much for the information! I ended up finding on one of the suggested pages a local Miami branch where I can order the passes and pick them up in person so I don't have to pay for shipping :)


Merry Christmas!!