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Japan OK in September?

Hello. My wife and I are contemplating a nearly three week trip to Japan in September. I’m a little nervous reading about the himidity and typhoons during that time of year. Any insight from this group of experienced travelers? Am I overthinking it?

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It depends where in japan you are going. It won't be the hottest or most humid time but close, so be ready for that and a general lack of central air conditioning in all but the largest places. And yes, there is the possibility of a typhoon that time of year, but so is much of Asia and the eastern seaboard of the United States. I would not cancel your trip though based on those things. Again it depends on where you are going in Japan, but even in those hotter areas or areas where their might be a typhoon, Japan is a very, very lovely and fun place.

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I'd make that the last three weeks in September rather than the first three, if you possibly can (more worry about the heat and humidity than typhoons). Also, to the greatest extent possible, stick to northern Japan rather than southern. Both tweaks would help mitigate your weather-related concerns.

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We did China in September and it was the perfect month for travel there. For Japan, we did it in October, which was also nice. Just don't do China or Japan in the Summer.