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Isreal Jordan and Turkey

I am looking at traveling to Jordan Turkey and Isreal starting late August 2015. the dates for my different tours line up best with starting in Isreal in late August. Is there any problem with starting in Isreal then moving on to Turkey and Jordan. I know in the past an Isreal stamp in your passport could make it difficult to travel to some countries. As well I would like to spend a few extra days in both Jerusalem and tel aviv is as opposed to moving hotels between the two cities or just base in one and take the bus between them.


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For Israel, Jerusalem is where you want home base, not Tel Aviv.
Jerusalem is the historical and spiritual center of the area, for 3 religions, actually.
The Jesus locations are around the Galillee, with a home bases of Tiberias or Haifa.

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This forum is primarily for travel to Europe. We'd like to help as much as we can, but you should also consult other travel forums that will have more locals responding.
We have one Israel resident here who is a regular contributor, Chani, but sometimes she is traveling.
I can help with Jerusalem questions, either here on if you send me a PM (Private Message).

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I am also looking to go to Israel later this year and my understanding is that there are no longer passport stamps that would cause issues. I have been told if you still want a stamp it will be on a removable piece of paper, otherwise everything is electronic. Source was a group who traveled to Israel in late 2014.

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Israel no longer stamps any passports. You get a little card on entry that you have to keep with your passport until you leave. Anyway, there is no problem going to/from Israel and Turkey or Israel and Jordan.

The big fall holidays beginning with Rosh Hashana start on September 13 and end on October 5 this year. This is high high season in Israel, everything is crowded since most Israelis are also on vacation for at least part of that time. There is limited public transportation on the eves and holidays. Kids go back to school on September 1. Depending on how long you want to stay in Israel, August 30-September 10 would be good. Before that it's the end of summer holidays and many Israeli families are on vacation the last two weeks of August along with all the tourists. After that, its holiday time.

Where you stay in Israel depends on how much time you have and what you want to see. You can easily travel (Sunday - Thursday) by train between Tel Aviv and Haifa and Acre (Akko) which I recommend seeing. To visit the areas around the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights (lots of great stuff up north), you need to rent a car or take big-bus tours. The area is not at all well served by public transportation. You can visit the Dead Sea on a day trip from Jerusalem - by car, with a tour, or using the public buses. So you could see a lot from a base in Tel Aviv and another in Jerusalem.

You can cross the border from Israel into Jordan by land, but it may be faster and easier to fly. The border crossing nearest Jerusalem is not primarily for tourists and it can be a lengthy process.

Turkish Air has 5-6 flights a day from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. For flights to Jordan, try Royal Jordanian. Both must have flights between Amman and Istanbul.