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Israel will open to foreign tourists on November 17 if vaccinated

To be considered vaccinated you must have received the most recent dose at least 7 days, but no longer than 6 months prior to entering Israel.
You can take a booster and enter Israel if at least 7 days, but no longer than 6 months prior to entering Israel.

This is great news for our March 8 Israel and Jordan tour. However, we will need a booster.

Still, this guidance implies one much get a booster after every 6 months?

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Israel was the leading country in getting vaccinated at the outset, so I can understand how they want tourists to be vaccinated as well. But have its residents all gotten booster shots? Interesting if every 6 months is their standard for tourists from now on. Or maybe that’s to protect their citizens from visitors. I’d need to have gotten a booster last month, but have been in Italy for a month. Heading home this Tuesday, and getting a booster is one of the priorities. Israel may be setting the standard for everyone else.

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What is the source of your information for the November 17 date? I have not seen that anywhere else. I believe they have not yet voted on the recommendations.

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Maybe this article will clarify the vaccination requirements. Individual tourists are allowed in from November 1.

Many Israelis got their 2nd shots of Pfizer back in January. We started giving boosters in late July because there was a big increase in Covid cases among the vaccinated - including a significant number of severe cases and some deaths among the vaxxed. I haven't checked the numbers recently but a very large percentage of the population have received boosters. I got my first shot in December and my booster in early August. My current "green pass" is valid for 6 months from the booster date. What will be in February when my 6 months are up, no one can tell.

There are other hoops to go through. You have to have a PCR test within 72 hours of your incoming flight departure, then get another PCR test at the airport when you arrive. You then have to quarantine until you get the result - I just got back from Budapest on Sunday and got my negative test result after about 11 hours. You also have to fill out an online health declaration within 24 hours of your flight. After you do that, you're given a link to prepay the PCR test on arrival. It costs 80 shekels ($25).

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Thanks, your post is very helpful. Looking forward to our visit of your wonderful country.