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Israel The Holy Land trip

Hello, I’ll be in Israel traveling to the Holy Land Oct 27-Nov 5. What’s the weather like? I want to know if light tops with long sleeves for during the day may be comfortable.
Thank you

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You can look up the weather month by month on Wikipedia. Average high temp. Average low temp. Days sunshine average. Days rain monthly and the average precipitations.

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You do need to have a light jacket for the evenings. It might be chilly.
I recommend long sleeves for your trip.

Enjoy, Israel is wonderful, filled with history and great people.

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Go to a website like and do a search by month to see what the weather/temps have been like in the past for that time of year.

Have a GREAT time in Israel!!

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Hi zpc, I'm in Greece right now and enjoying the cooler (!) weather than back home in Tel Aviv. I'm hoping that by the time I get home (just a couple days before you arrive) I won't have to run the AC more than 2-3 hours a day.

Expect to wear sandals all the time, except at archaeological sites where sneakers are more comfortable because of uneven ground and lots of pebbles/sand. The topography is varied, in Jerusalem you'll probably need long sleeves or a light jacket in the evenings and possibly the early mornings. Sun hat is a good idea. You'll want knees and shoulders covered for many religious sights, but you'll see most people in short sleeves and capris/shorts still. The fashion-conscious young women may be sporting stylish boots, long sleeves, long pants and even jackets, but that's in spite of, not because of , the temps. Tel Aviv, Haifa, and around the sea of Galilee are likely to be somewhat humid,, pleasantly cool in the afternoon. If Israel is lucky (and you aren't) there may be a little rain.

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ZPC, Chani hit the nail on the head. Although Israel is a relatively small country, the weather differs from one part to another. If you're planning on visiting Jericho, the Dead Sea, Masada, or Eilat, it'll likely be very hot, so shorts, t-shirts and sandals are perfect. Jerusalem is pleasant during the day, but you'll need a light jacket or a sweatshirt after sunset. Chani covered the Tel-Aviv and Galilee. Personally, I don't recommend sandals in Jerusalem, particularly in the old city. Besides, Jerusalem typically involves quite a bit of walking, so a comfortable pair of sneakers will do you better.

Enjoy your trip!