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Is Figi really paradise?

This is our first trip outside Europe and we are planning to stay at the Figi Matamanoa Island Resort. Some online reviews warn tourists not to drink the tap water and not to eat the chicken (not specific to the resort we are staying at) as there are concerns about refrigeration. Does anyone have experience with these resorts which are the only place on an island? Also, have been reading some disturbing things about Figi Air, any experience with that airline?


Mike W

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We have no experience in Figi. In general, when you're outside your element, the safest foods to eat are those that you know are fresh out of the hot oven or boiling oil or off the grill. Fruits and vegetables are safer if you can wash and peel them yourself. Drink from sealed bottles, not bottles that have been opened by someone in the back room.

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Are we talking about the Republic of Fiji. I'm a geographer by training and I've never heard of a 'Figi'.

It's a highly develop economy I ate and drank everything in sight the one time I was there and never thought about it. Paradise is hard to vote on - - but I never went back. I've never heard of the resort.

Fiji Airways started out with that name, then was PacAir for a while, and now has switched back. The codeshare with some of the biggies like Quantas. They fly the same machines as everybody else. They're FAA endorsed which allows them to fly into the US (LAX is the only place I've seen them. Their safety rating is a notch lower than the large US carriers but better than Grand Canyon - - they're good enough that I don't blink at hopping on them. What's disturbing - - I look at safety, not passenger reviews ?

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I am guessing we are talking about Fiji here. I have never heard of the resort you mentioned, so cannot give advice on it.
I went to Fiji for Christmas season 2013 and for was paradise. I visited 3 islands and one was most beautiful than the next.
I had 0 issues with food and never heard of specific things not to eat.

I did fly with Fiji Airways...they recently switched names...I read a while ago that they were supposed to get few new planes. So perhaps some reviews were about their planes getting a bit old...I remember a lot of TVs not working when I flew with them.
But the staff was extremely friendly and helpful just like everyone I met on the islands. I am always careful when reading reviews...companies evolved...they can improved...and to me a tv not working is not the end of the world...but for some people it seems to be.... ;)
I care more about safety and price.

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Hi Mike,
I'm a little late to answer this. I flew to Fiji on what is now Fiji airlines out of LA about 5 years ago, flight was fine issues at all. You arrive very early in the am so you can get to the ferry that takes you out to the islands easily. The ferry ride is fun and stops at each of the islands at the resorts. I can't really remeber Matamanoa ... there were a bunch of them. We stayed at Oarsman Bay ( now defunct I think) but look into Blue Lagoon Resort which was right next door. It was terrific. Drink bottled water.

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A little reading about Fiji's recent troubled political environment will suggest that even "paradise" can have a dark side, although not one that is likely to encroach on a sheltered tourist resort. I could say the same about beach retreats in other places and oceans. Go and enjoy the attractive surface.