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Iranian Journalist - American interviewed by Rick in Iran has been arrested

In Rick's recent video of travel in Iran, he talked to a young couple about life in Iran.
The man is an American/Iranian and works for the Washington Post
I read on CNN that the journalist has been arrested and now charged with some charges.
Here is link to the article.
CNN article

Do you think Rick could do anything to help this situation?

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This is a matter for the State Department to deal with, which they are doing according to the article.

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Evidently, if a person has ever held Iranian citizenship the Iranian government treats that person as if s/he is an Iranian national and ignores any other citizenship. The Iranian government does not even recognize when a person has renounced his/her former Iranian citizenship. So I would not be optimistic about a happy outcome in this case. This is something that has been explained in our local press because a former Iranian citizen/US citizen from my area has been detained for quite a while.

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Frances, I doubt that Rick could do anything. But if this guy worked for the Washington Post, I would think they are working with the State Department to get him freed. I would certainly hope so, anyway. I think Rick's best work has been in helping us see the average, everyday man and woman of Iran. These are not people bent on destroying America. They are people living their daily lives much like we do. This is my favorite episode of his show!