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Iran in Oct

We will be traveling in Iran for 18 days in Oct. Weather advice? Clothing-for-women advice? Tipping advice?

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It is 15 years since I went to Iran and it was with a small tour group (15) so my experience will not be very helpful. I can tell you that women need to wear a long darkish robe over their clothes and your head must be covered. In some mosques you will be given a voluminous black abaya to wear and then you realise that all the women look alike and it's very eerie to lose your identity like that. From behind I could only identify my friend by her shoes.

All meals were included on the tour so I can't advise re tipping. Except for one, all the hotels were excellent, even luxurious.

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You've probably seen Rick's 2008 TV show filmed in Iran and accompanying materials? His take on wardrobe said that women must wear a hijab (head scarf) but not a chador (over-robe). If you're traveling with a tour company, I'd ask their most recent advice. Even with a guide or tour, I'd also want another resource in hand, such as the Lonely Planet guidebook (most recent edition published 2012).

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Sounds like fun! and I envy you for going to my old country! October is good time of the year to visit. Really depends on which city you are going to. Iran has diverse and varied weather from snowy peaks to desert to lush jungles. Tehran is nice in October since it's filled with beautiful tree lined streets that all turn red, orange and yellow. Temperatures should be temperate in October ranging from 70s to 50s at night.

As far as clothing, women should try to wear something like a longish jacket, not even real long, can come to the knees length. But, in that case, you need to wear a pair of pants of some sort as well. It can be fashionable and pretty and colorful. They particularly respect foreigners in this matter and give them a lot of slack when comes to restrictions. Worse case, a small mention to correct something. You also need to wear a scarf that covers "most" of your hair. But again, Iranian women play with that definition quite a bit as you can see on photos of today's Iran.

Once you get inside someone's house, a party, dinner, etc. You can take off both the scarf and the mantau or coat you came in. Most families do not follow these rules inside homes. But, some more conservative families do, esp. if stranger men are present.

Good luck with your trip and have a wonderful time and I'm sure you will!