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Indonesia? SE Asia

Looking at taking a trip somewhere between India and Australia around Christmas/New Years for about a week. Indonesia keeps popping up on our radar. Who's been recently? We'd obviously be skipping the island of Sulawesi. Any safety concerns? Plenty to do for a week?
Not looking at going to Vietnam, Thailand, or Cambodia.

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Believe it or not, one of my favorite places during the holidays is Singapore...not quite Indonesia but in the area.
From there off, to Penang. As a bit of a Durian hound, I would be planning the travel around the fruit season, the quest for the perfect red prawn! But I would understand if that was not your cup of tea.
That's not quite Indonesia but take a look at it.

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Amber we are looking into going to Indonesia as well. I'd say there is way more than enough to do for a week. Are you thinking of Bali, it is definitely the easiest to fly to from North America, I don't know if Australia has more options.

You might find more information on the trip advisor forum, although I don't like it as well as RS!

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Singapore is great, lots to do in there.
We have been to Bali, for two days on a cruise. It was beautiful, but we were soured by the fact that we were delayed for three hours getting off of our cruise ship for our tours by the local authorities that wanted something extra under the table. I will never go back to Indonesia.

We also, visited Malaysia and enjoyed it, but not as much as Singapore.

China is wonderful for many great sites like the Great Wall, Beijing, Terracota Warriors and more, but we loved Japan and its wonderful people.

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Have been to Indonesia several times, look forward to going back many more times. It's a huge, vast, stunningly beautiful place.

What have you got against Sulawesi?

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Of course it's trite but Bali is incredible.

As long as you stay anywhere other than Kuta you'll love it.

Plus, it's the easiest place to get in and out of en-route.

Ubud is great but if you want some smaller village options we very much enjoyed a couple nights in Sidemen and the beautiful place we stayed provided a drive to show us around the island. He took us places we never in a million years would have found on our own.