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Indonesia 2020 - first trip - honeymoon and birthday

I have decided to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday (and the honeymoon we still haven't gone on) with a trip to SE Asia. After a lot, LOT, of research and talking to people who have been I've decided on Indonesia, and it's so diverse so we can do a few different things. Thailand is too obvious and we're not 20.

Okay, I've been researching. First - I've been tipped to agoda for hotels etc. ( and it's fantastic - no payment until like a month before or at check in too, although I'm only prebooking a couple.

I'm going to try to get flights Feb 21-Mar13. That gives us Feb23-Mar13 in Indonesia.

We're going to fly in to Medan and out of Bali. Currently that's pricing from YVR at $964 each, but I'll wait until a big seat sale comes on. I am signed up for fair reports. Apparently August is the time for the best air prices.

Feb 23-25 we're staying at On the Rocks in Bukit Lawang (jungle) for two nights which is about $75 CAD total.

Feb 25 we will decide if we rent a car (he loves adventurous driving), go down to Lake Toba and eventually Panag then fly to Yogyakarta, or just fly directly to Yogya and have more time to go around that area.

Flights from Medan to Yogya are about $150 CAD each, with car being less.
Flights from Padang to Yogya are about $110 CADeach it seems.

I would like the be in Lombok by March 1 - my husbands birthday, I am also tentatively allotting the most time here as from what I've heard and seen this will be our ideal place I think. There will be ferry and transport costs etc.

Flights from Yogya to Lombok are about $80 CAD each.

We aren't due anywhere until Mar 6-9 in Gili Trawangan (Jali Resort 3 nights - $221 CAD total)

Then Mar 9-13 in Ubud before flying out (Bali). (Janis Place for 4 nights - $320 CAD total)

Hotels - for 3 plus star - all seem to be in the $30/night range with Bali being a little more.

From what I can tell we're looking at MAX $4k including air but not spending money. I'm going to try to have much more available to us - and I'm accounting for having spent $3k before boarding the plane with the air and few hotels I've selected. From what I gathered food etc. is low priced as well. Does anyone have an opinion on the costs?

I still will take any suggestions and ideas. I am not locked in to anything at this point, but I have spent a few months already looking in to the where's and what's. It's hard not being able to bounce ideas off my husband! ha

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