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India travel for cheap meds

Does anyone in the forum have any experience on traveling to India to obtain cheaper prescription drugs? Mine cost $133/day, while the generic in India would cost $0.30/day!

Any info or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Marc, a number of years ago I was at a professional conference on South Padre Island and one afternoon crossed over to Matamoros, Mexico, with two colleagues, specifically to go to a couple of pharmacies there. I purchased several boxes of my son's prescription asthma meds for a fraction of the cost in the US. I brought the meds to my son's pediatric pulmonologist and he looked at them quite carefully, noted (among other things) that they were manufactured by the same major drug company (but in Switzerland, not in the US) and proclaimed them fine to give to my son. Which is all to say: you might want to check on prescription drug prices in Mexico before going to India....And also, I'm not advocating this plan, just reporting on my own experience some years ago.

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Not sure if this good old idea helps you, but it helped my family members:

Costco in Canada--bought insulin for CAD 30 a vial (without Rx) instead of over USD 100 without insurance.

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Why do you feel you need to go to India to get cheaper drugs? Did you research whether or not you can just order them to be sent to you? I once had a prescription skin medication that was $200 a tube; I investigated to see the active ingredient and was able to order a product with that key ingredient from India for one-tenth the amount, including shipping.

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$133 x 30 days = $3990. You could easily fly to India and get your meds. Kind of a long flight, so I would stay a couple days. You could buy all your meds for a whole year. Just go and do it. I would if this is the case.

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Not all prescription drugs can be imported into the US. Sure, they can sell them to you, ship them but then you have to hope they clear customs. I've done a ton of research on this and my OP was to solicit input from people that have experience in traveling out of the US to India in order to obtain prescription drugs. Mine are not available via Canada or Mexico at a reduced cost. Thanks.