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Iceland Transportation ?


I'd like to know the best option for traveling to and from the airport in Iceland. We are staying in Reykjavik. I'd like transportation directly to our hotel and pick up at our hotel to return to the airport. I'd like to avoid the bus station.


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Get a round-trip ticket on the Flybus. It's timed with every incoming/outgoing flight.
PS. there is nothing wrong with the main bus station - clean and orderly and usually used as the hub from which smaller bus transfers are made

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AFAIK there is no shuttle option that doesn't have you changing vehicles at a bus station - big bus from airport to station, change to small bus from station to hotel, reverse for the return to the airport. I know both Greyline and Flybus do this.

In case it helps, my experience has been that it is a very easy transfer and they walk you through it pretty well.

If you want truly direct with no change in vehicle I think your only option is a taxi.

If someone knows a shuttle that does direct, I'm sure they'll be along to supplement my info!

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The bus from the airport to the main bus station is a large passenger bus, like a city's public transport.
That size bus will not fit down 90% of the roads in Reykjavik. You MUST switch vehicles.

Also, at least as far as Greyline, it's not a bus station like we think of Greyhound. It is bright and clean and open.

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Flybus will not transfer you to your hotel. You need the Flybus Plus to get a transfer to your hotel. We took the Flybus Plus option which transferred us directly to and from our hotel in Reykjavik. Some passengers on the bus had to change to smaller vans to get to their hotels. We did not. We stayed on the bus that brought us from the airport. However, that may be because our hotel was not located in the center of Reykjavik but a little more on the outlying area.