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Iceland layover

Hi All,

I will be travelling with my family to Paris this summer and I noticed a possible flight itinerary on the return home that would give us a 14 hour layover in Reykjavik. Is that sufficient time to clear immigration, have a meal and pint in town, and get back in place for departure stateside?

I asked a similar question as it related to a possible 5 hour layover in Heathrow, foolishly forgetting the hassle of clearing immigration, making it a fools errand. But in this case, with a much longer layover, and a much smaller city and thus (I assume) a much more manageable airport, maybe the Iceland situation can be achieved.

Thank you for your thoughts!


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Are you landing in Reykjavik? Most international flights land in Keflavik. Admittedly it is a small airport and pretty easy to navigate, but would still make it difficult to get to Reykjavik and back in time to feel comfortable (for me.) I did not spend much time in Keflavik, but understand it is a nice spot, if you want to think about a meal there.

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I'm surprised at the last comment given how small and unpopulated Iceland is and how easy it is to get around (no traffic to speak of, nice clean roads, and buses into town that are coordinated with every flight - could not be more convenient). Plus, it's a tiny airport with a limited number of flights coming in at once - it will take no time at all to clear out and catch a Flybus into town. With 14 hours (did you say 14 hours?), you've got plenty of time to do a number of things (I don't know what you'd do in the airport during that time - at least you can hit the Blue Lagoon for a few hours if you're nervous about getting back on time). I assume the 14 hours aren't in the middle of the night, are they? Even so, Reykjavik has a hopping nightlife that goes well into the wee hours so you have time to check it out.

I'm confused by your last statement "much shorter layover" - you don't mean 4 hours instead of 14? If so, then no, you don't have time to do anything except have a meal at the airport before your connection.

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You should look again at the schedule. I don't think there's a possibility to have a 14 hour layover from Paris to N. America on IcelandAir. Flights from UK/Continental Europe depart to Keflavik in the midday and then all the planes continue on to destinations in the USA/Canada from Keflavik in the afternoon.

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What time of day is your layover? By your description, it sounds like it is during the day, but IcelandAir doesn't have long layovers during the day. Perhaps you meant a 4 hour layover? If so, there won't be enough time to go to Reykjavik. The bus ride is 45 minutes one way, so that'd drastically cut into your time. The Blue Lagoon is much closer (20 minute bus ride from KEF), but you will need to check to see if the bus schedule jives with your arrival and departure times.