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Iceland in Winter--necessity of pre-booking tours

Hi everyone. I've visited Iceland twice but always in the summer and am going this year in November. Most of the sights I want to see are accessible by car in the summer, but I know November weather can be iffy! Ideally I would like to rent a car if the weather is good and drive myself, but if the weather is iffy or the roads aren't looking good would prefer to pay a tour company. My question therefore is weather or not (haha) I should be able to book tours at the last minute while in Iceland? I'm thinking of day trips outside of Reykjavik and Akureyri, not multi-day tours. Anyone have any experience with this?

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I was in Iceland last February. We were able to book tours while we were there, maybe a day or two in advance. (This was all in Reykyavik. I don't know if Akureyri is any different.) If you're looking to tours as a plan B in bad weather, be aware that the tours themselves are sometimes cancelled because of the weather.