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Iceland 3 days

We have a 3 day stopover in Iceland at the end of August (arrive 7 am Friday, leave 7 am Monday). We are looking at this as our "overview" trip to Iceland with a longer trip someday. Suggestions on things to do in 3 days? We love walking and nature and do not plan on renting a car. Would you spend one day seeing Reykjavik and then the other 2 days on day tours? Or, 2 days in Reykjavik and 1 day seeing a little of the countryside? We think we will skip the Blue Lagoon as we are not spa people. Any suggestions, day tour operator recommendations, etc. are greatly appreciated!

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I haven't been to Iceland but would love to go. There is a one-page article with some suggestions of things to do in the May 2014 issue of Travel and Leisure (p. 58.)

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We were in Iceland for 3 days last summer. Day 1 - Golden Circle tour. Day 2 - Snaefellsness Peninsula. Day 3 - Blue Lagoon and then Reykjavik walkabout.

We rented a car but you could do Days 1 and 2 with a tour group. Or go to Vik on the southern coast with a tour. For our city walk we really enjoyed the views from the top of Hallgrimskirkja and walking along the harbor. There are whale watching tours or you could go to the island (don't recall the name) just offshore to walk around. There were several museums we wanted to visit but the weather was nice so we kept walking around.

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With three days you could see Reykjavik at a more relaxed pace. The city takes most people a day to see the highlights but more time wouldn't be a bad thing. I highly recommend doing the Golden Circle either with a tour or rent a car for that day. If you decide you want two days outside of Reykjavik you will have lots of options (whale watching and a puffin island, off-road super jeeps, Icelandic horses, glacier hikes, etc). I recommend looking at some options listed on Reykjavik's Tourist Office for more options and tours. I do feel the Blue Lagoon is worth seeing once since it is very different and relaxing but if it hasn't stood out to you then maybe it wouldn't be worth the effort.

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Thanks Kevin. We are thinking now that 2 days in Reykjavik, with the Golden Circle tour sandwiched in the middle might be a nice relaxing way to get over jet lag. The puffins are a huge interest for me, but I think we are too late to see them at the end of August. If you think I'm wrong about that, please let me know.

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My husband is going with our youngest son (age 10) for a 4 day trip to Iceland at the end of August. He's read the Lonely Planet book and done lots of online research and here's what they are going to do, keeping in mind that they'll need to rest afterwards!

Arrival day: Visit Blue Lagoon on the way into town from the airport. Balance of day spent walking around Reykjavik.

Day 2: South Shore Adventure

Day 3: Golden Circle Tour

Day 4: Icelandic Horse Ride on the Lava Fields