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How do i arrange PCR tests when country hopping?

I'm hoping to solo travel in mid 2022.

I can easily get a PCR test here at home (UK) for my first destination.

But, from my first destination, if i need a PCR test to get to my second, how do i go about doing this when abroad? For example, if i wanted to go Japan>South Korea (the latter of which needs a PCR test), is it possible to arrange for one in Japan as a foreigner?

The countries above are just examples and could be different ones, i'm aware it's probably based on the circumstance of the country but i can't find any information on this sort of question

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i'm aware it's probably based on the circumstance of the country

Exactly. To be quite frank, I would consider it totally useless to ask this question using example countries. Someone might tell you "yes, is it possible to arrange for one in Japan as a foreigner", but how is that going to help you if you are actually going to China?

but i can't find any information on this sort of question

Well, no. There aren't that many good crystal balls around. :-) The situation and rules and regulations change all the time, and they differ from country to country. Who knows what will be in mid-2022?

You may be lucky to find someone on the forum who has recently been to Japan (or whatever country you may decide on), but I am afraid you will simply have to do your research and keep an eye on further developments. Look at Japanese government sites or official tourism sites, or google "Japan" and "PCR test". And remember that all the information you may find is for 2021 and not mid-2022.

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My husband and I traveled in Europe during most of October. We hastily planned the trip around a Viking cruise, traveling independently both before and after the cruise. The rules were changing almost daily. I tried visiting the web sites for each country, but the information was too full of legalize. I finally stumbled on the State Department's site where you can drill down to each country's requirements: . Choose the country from the list.

I also found it useful to email my hotel and ask them for assistance in booking a covid test. I set up a test in Prague for entering Hungary, but then found that since we were arriving by train and not by air, we didn't need a test, so I cancelled that test. We needed to get a test in order to board Viking. In Budapest, our hotel arranged for a doctor to come to the hotel to give us the test on a Saturday evening after the regular clinic hours. On the 3rd day before returning to the US, we got a test just around the corner from the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. We'd been planning to go to a testing site elsewhere in Amsterdam, but there it was! We got both a rapid test (so we could eat inside restaurants) and the PCR test needed to reenter the US. Our departure was from Frankfurt.

Hope this helps.

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Every country is different and the rules are constantly changing. Your hotels will probably know where you can get tested but trying to find that out now is fruitless. See what the rules are closer to your travels.

I'll give you an example. I'm currently in the UK. My next country is the USA-- my home country. I know what the requirements are now to return but I go back a month from today and the rules will probably change. I know where I plan to get my return test but that could change.

I have a return trip to Europe planned in early April. It will involve at least four countries. While I'm keeping an eye on what is happening in general with Covid in these countries, I won't worry about the realities until mid to late March.

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With the ever changing rules, consider not country hopping and stick to one. It’s easier tracking the changing requirements for one country than many.

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It can vary by country. I was in Egypt and Turkey recently, and in both countries the hotel was able to arrange an appointment for someone to come to the hotel to give us a test. We would receive our results usually in less than 24 hours via email, WhatsApp, or both. The prices ranged from about $25 in Turkey to $80+ in Egypt.