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Here's my Japan question for all of you!

I've posted on TripAdvisor as well - my first time posting a question there! But I'm posting here to as I "know" many of you and value your advice.

I'm headed to Japan next month. I've gone nuts for this trip and I'm taking 5 family members along with me. We're all set and I've got everything sorted out.

But then, randomly, I came across a good friend from my childhood and he, too, is going to be in Tokyo in June. The exact same days as my group. He will also be a family group of 6.

So my question is this: where is a casual place for a group of 12 to just sit down and visit for an hour? I don't want a restaurant with group that big and it won't likely be a meal time.

Our mid-point meeting area looks to be Shibuya or Harujuku (one hotel is in Shinjuku and the other one is in Minato).

I've tried Google walking myself around Yogogi Park, Takeshita Street and some other places but it's pretty overwhelming.

Does anyone have a tip? A nice, quiet (and easy to find) area of a park for 12 people to meet up? (Age ranges from young teen to 80s)

I did a meet up like this a few years back in China and it was pretty tough - we got lost, lost, lost in a train station that had about 12 exits and it took us an hour to find my friends.

Thanks for any help:)

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I think you have the right idea in Yoyogi Park or Shinjuku Gyoen. They're both big parks everyone knows about, so you'll have less of a chance of getting lost.

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Shinjuku Gyoen would be a great place to meet--you can sit at tables or walk around in smaller groups and chat. There are areas with drink machines and tables to sit nearby.