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Hawaii Thank You

I just returned from taking my wife and her now 90 year old mother for two weeks in Hawaii and want to take a minute and thank all of you who helped me plan the trip. The advice I received here, as in the past when we went to Europe, was right on and we had a great trip. Using the open-jaw concept that I learned from Rick we flew into Hilo and out of Honolulu and took short flights between Kona and Maui and Maui to Honolulu. We rented a car for every day we were here and as I'm sure most of you learned in Europe, you get to the back doors of Hawaii in the same way. If I can help anyone plan and execute a trip to Hawaii I will be happy to share how I planned it, places we stayed and things we did. One thing I should warn you about though. When I decided on Hawaii instead of another trip back to Europe one of the reasons I told my wife was "at least a dollar is worth a dollar in Hawaii instead of $.60 in Europe". Boy was I wrong. Since everything is shipped in the prices are much higher and paying $3.05 for gas in New Orleans seems like a bargin after paying $4.54 per gallon in over there. Haven't finished calculating just yet, but I'm thinking I could have gone to Europe for less.....maybe....but I wouldn't have been able to see a live volcano there. Thanks to everyone who helped.


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Glad your trip to HI went well. We were in Scotland this year, and Hawaii gas would've seemed really cheap compared to the equivalent of $8 or $9 a gallon in Scotland. Our rental car got about 40 MPG, though, so it could've been worse. In addition to us American drivers trying to deal with being on the left side of the road, there were lots of Italian, German, Belgian, and French drivers in their own cars (at least the cars had license plates from those countries) that were (mostly) staying on the left side of the road, too. And some of those roads are really narrow!

Others on this forum this summer have inquired about live volcanoes, and aside from Sicily and Italy, it sounds like Going West was the way to go for a volcano experience!

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Re gas. As noted, gas in Hawaii is a bargain compared to Europe. The other bargain is the short distances between sights and activities in Hawaii. It can easily be less than a tank of gas week of travel in Hawaii.