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Hawai'i: small resorts?

I'm probably looking for something that doesn't exist, but here goes: My wife and I would like to stay in a small, nature- and wellness-oriented lodging in Hawai'i, any island, during Easter week 2016 (i.e., around March 18 - March 26). Desiderata are: small, comfortable-but-unfancy, beautiful location, meals and hot tubs and massages available on site, snorkeling available on-site or close by; on or close to the ocean with a good beach is a big plus . . . all for under $200 per night for lodging or under $300 per night for lodging and 2-3 meals. Impossible? Possible if we're willing to spend more? Thank you!

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I'd be pretty surprised if you could find all of that at your target price. I think you need to prioritize your list, and be flexible (maybe very flexible) on price. Hawaii is not an inexpensive place to visit...

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Check out the resorts around Napili Bay on Maui. I've stayed at One Napili Way. It was small comfortable-but-not-fancy, has a hot tub, but no massages or restaurants. The price was right though! That being said, there's a great beach right there and snorkeling at Honokeana Cove, also right there just south of the beach. There are restaurants at all the neighboring larger resorts. You can walk to all these places as well, but you do need a rental car for any trip to Hawaii except Honolulu. Weather can vary also and there are other neat beaches to explore in the area, Slaughterhouse Beach is my favorite. It has shade trees and is awesome from Sunrise until about 12/1pm, then it's too windy at any beach really.

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A few years ago we stayed at North Country Farms on Kauai. You won't find hot tubs or meals but their simple hand-built cottage overlooking their vegetable fields with views to the mountains is relaxing and beautiful! The beach is close and I'm sure you could easily arrange for massages to come to you. $160 per night + tax.