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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to the Americans and Happy Thanksgiving to the Brits. Stay safe, enjoy the family and watch some local fireworks. I will be celebrating with some beer bratwurst, potato salad and German Ritter candy bars courtesy of my local German deli. Plus a swim in the pool and watching the local fireworks at night.

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... and Happy (belated) Canada Day to our friends notrth of the border.

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I'd also like to add my best wishes for a happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

And thank you for the belated Canada Day wishes.

Isn't Thanksgiving in the U.K. celebrated in the fall, as it is in other locations?

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Yes, Happy 4th of July to all our friends on the other side of the pond. We are good losers though as recent events confirm!

Like Emma I’m confused about the Thanksgiving thing though, unless you count two consecutive days of sunshine in Yorkshire!


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Wherever you are at, if you are on a holiday, it is a great day! Enjoy!

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The Thanksgiving was just a little joke that didn't translate well on the internet. The joke being the UK was finally rid of us. Never tell jokes on the internet or via text.

Hope everyone enjoys the day regardless of where they are.

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Thanks for the clarification on the "Thanksgiving" comment. I must be kind of dense as I didn't get the meaning. Now that you've explained it, it makes perfect sense.

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Good one, Heather! Happy holidays (whenever they occur) to all!