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Guide Book for Jerusalem?

I'm planning a trip to Jerusalem! Any recommendations for a guide book? I love Rick's style, but sadly he doesn't have a book for Jerusalem.

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For areas beyond Europe most of us at Rick Steves' Europe start with Lonely Planet guidebooks. They try to cover everything so they can be more general when compared to Rick but they do usually have good travel advice and recommendations. You can find their books at most bookstores or their Israel guidebook here.

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There are guide books for Jerusalem that are in-depth for various themes. This would depend on how much time you are spending here and what your interests are.

I didn't know that Douglas had made his guide available to all on a website. Great news. Thanks for the link, Kaeleku. I've been emailing it to people for years.

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If you like Douglas Duckett's guide, you should e-mail him to ask him to send you the latest one (the one on that website link is 1-2 "editions" behind his current one). His e-mail is [email protected].

I also found his podcasts very helpful in planning. His first general one on Israel is number 167, and a second one focusing on Jerusalem is number 192.

There's a free app from the city of Jerusalem with very good, detailed audio walking tours. No data connection is needed after you download the tours, although the tours are rather large so you need some space on your device to hold them. Here it is for Android: and Apple: