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Goshuincho - Japanese Temple Stamps/ Kyoto souvenirs

I'd wished I had known about getting temple stamps when I was in Japan. Oh, well, next time.

Thought I would share this information, in case anyone going to Japan is interested.

I re-found the link to souvenirs in Kyoto:

We bought #4 Cha no Ka (Melbrache). Sounds a bit weird, white chocolate and green tea, but they are delicious. You can buy them in the basement of the department stores.
We also bought #14 Oike Senbei (Kameya Yoshinage). They are not too sweet but light and crunchy. They are also available in the department stores. Some counters have samples, so you could probably taste this first. As they are in cans, they travelled well back in our carry-on.

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