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Going on safari in Kenya and Tanzania this August

We originally booked our safari for 2020 but postponed it twice due to COVID.

We had all the shots back in 2019, except yellow fever (had in 2011). Our yellow fever vaccinations are 11 years old.

The original guidance was after ten years, you needed a booster, however our health department says that has changed and they are good for life now.

Anyone know if this would be a problem for the Kenyan or Tanzanian authorities? Our tour company thinks we are OK, but is not 100% sure.

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It sounds like it is the government authorities that matter here, and Tanzania is the one more likely to require yellow fever vaccine. Perhaps contact them directly?

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While this won’t give you the specific answer for Kenya or Tanzania, the World Health Organization agrees with your health dept. From
it says:

The yellow fever vaccine is safe, affordable and a single dose provides life-long protection against yellow fever disease. A booster dose of yellow fever vaccine is not needed.

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Per the cdc website re: yellow fever vaccination for Kenya

Required if traveling from a country with risk of YF virus transmission and ≥1 year of age.1

Recommended for all travelers ≥9 months of age, except as mentioned below. Generally not recommended for travelers whose itinerary is limited to the following areas: the entire North Eastern Province; the states of Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, Malindi, and Tanariver in the Coast Province; and the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi (see Map 2-16).

And generally not recommended for travelers to Tanzania.

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We are going to Tanzania/Uganda in July and whilst the yellow fever vaccine is NOT required for Tanzania, it is required for Uganda and we were told by the physician who administered them that they are good for life. I hope so, cause they were spendy!
Do you still have the yellow fever card for proof? I would bring that with you.

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Jambo geovagriffith, If you're entering Tanzania from Kenya you do need to have proof of YF vaccination. We got our YF vaccination 25 years ago and it is one and done no matter when you got it. However, you'll need documentation in case you're asked. We'll have our yellow vaccination cards with us where the YF vaccine was recorded by a healthcare professional. We're doing a similar itinerary starting mid July. Enjoy all the magnificent moments.