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Gibralter and then to Tangier

We plan to fly to Gibralter and spend two nights and then take a ferry to Tangier. A lot of online information is old and out of date so I am finding planning to be confusing. Does anyone know approximately how much a taxi will cost from Gibralter to Algeciras? Has anyone taken a taxi from where the Algeciras--Tangier Med ferry docks into downtown Tangier? Also, I would appreciate any hotel recommendations in Gibralter and Tangier. Thanks!

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I have been to Morocco twice and enjoyed that country quite a bit.
However, I DO NOT recommend wasting your time for a day trip to Tangier.

If you go, visit Rabat, Marrakesh, Fes or Agadir, but not Tangier.

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Man in Seat 61 details how to do this journey (albeit from Algeciras, not Gibraltar).
Taxis can't run from Spain into Gib or vv so you need to get to the border (which is easy) then M in S 61 says it is 25 Euro for the taxi from La Linea (the border) to Alegeciras station for the ferries.
He talks about an Alsa bus running from Tangier Med port into Tanger (in lieu of the long term cancelled train) every 10 minutes for $2, rather than having to take a taxi. You can also see that (route L13) on the ALSA website.
He makes it all sound like a very easy and straightforward journey.

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Tangier has a well-earned reputation as an awful place -- very little of interest to see, crawling with aggressive hustlers and ripoffs. That was certainly my experience many years ago; a couple hours there was so bad that friends and I even abandoned plans to venture further into Morocco and went straight back to Spain that day. Rick Steves says Tangier is much better now than it was back in the day. I generally think he has good judgment on these things, and may well be right, but in the case of Tangier, I have no great desire to go back there to find out.

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However, I DO NOT recommend wasting your time for a day trip to Tangier.

OP asked for hotel recommendations, so clearly is not planning on a day trip. For all we know it could be the first night of a longer trip through Morocco.