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Galapagos - Starting point --- Guayaquil or Quito

I'm haded to the Galapagos this year.

I'm trying to figure out what city I should start my trip from:
* Guayaquil
* Quito

My flights to both of these locations are about the same cost.

If I need to stay in one of these locations for ---- I don't know, let's say 2 full day's which location would you pick.

Here is the plan as of now....
1) I'll be in Panama City
2) Fly to one of the two locations
3) Spend a day, or two in one of these places
-- while in this location I'd like to get schedule/book a Galapagos boat cruise
4) Fly to Galapagos
5) Get on boat I secured

---- OR ---
would you skip these two locations all together and fly directly to Galapagos from Panama City

Thanks for the help

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