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French Polynesia Advice - staying too long?

Hello. My wife and I I have a 13 day trip to French Polynesia planned for the summer. We are beginning to have doubts about spending so much time there because, though we aren't big on nightlife, we feel that we may get bored just laying around the beach all day. Yes, we do like to swim and go for hikes but we also like to go to nice restaurants and take some cultural sites. I know the French Polynesia abounds with natural beauty and some really world class cultural history.

As of now, our trip consists of five days on Moorea and four each on Huahine and Rangiroa.

Ideally, we would like to do a week in French Polynesia and a week in New Zealand. However I understand the New Zealand is not very beautiful during the North American summertime.

What do you think? Should we shorten our trip? We will be bored? We are thinking of scrapping the whole thing and just doing two weeks in Italy instead (I know it apples and oranges).


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Although I haven't been I have quite a few friends who LOVE it there and stay for weeks. The snorkel at different islands and beaches, hire sailboats to explore some of the remote, uninhabited islands, visit villages, and dive the offshore reefs. Totally depends on your interest of course...if none of that interests you then maybe you are staying too long?

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I don't see how you could stay too long in paradise. But I guess it depends on what level of activity you need. I was happy to be there for 2 weeks doing nothing more than sleeping late, laying on the beach, and swimming when the urge hit me. The locals were also so friendly. It was difficult to get back on the plane and leave.

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You could always take the ferry from Moorea to Papeete for a day.
New Zealand not too pretty in their winter?? That is the only time I've been there and I thought it was great. Their summer would be over the top.

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Only thirteen days in Tahiti? I cannot imagine anybody to be bored there. I was in New Zealand in February - their summer and it was gorgeous. Cannot help with winter. Italy in summer? Only for masochists. Oppressive heat. I've been to Italy several times - always in spring or fall and sometimes even then is already or still hot.

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Not sure where you're getting your information about NZ in (their) winter, but the fact is that it's gorgeous...just like every other season of the year there. North Island will be tropical - similar to Hawaii, while South Island, especially the areas around Queenstown, is known for its winter sports.
The country stretches north-south for several hundred miles - it's roughly the same size as the state of California. I wouldn't hesitate to consider it as part of your itinerary in any season, though frankly it deserves more than a week. Maybe a future trip...