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Flight requirements in Africa

I am going on a safari in East Africa and it says that you are limited to 33lbs (15kg) on the flights in the country. This includes all of your carryon and a duffel I will be taking. How strict are this guidelines? What happens if you are a pound or two over? I am a light packer normally, but am concerned if I pick up an item or two.

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You'll be fed to the lions......

This is a question for the company running the safari. They are the only ones who can really answer the question

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If the limit is 10 kg, assume that the limit is 10 kg and not 12 or 15. East Africa is a large area so it is hard go give any advice. But for safaris they might use small planes with limited capacity for luggage.

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First off, 10 kilos is 22 pounds, not 33.
Second, in country planes may be very small 6 seaters. Weight definitely matters.
There isn't much shopping to be had when you are flying in. Laundry is also readily available.
Chances are you only need the clothes you are in and 2 changes of everything else.
I have been on trips where we had a first night hotel in a city, then returned to the hotel as a day room before flights. They also allowed luggage to be left there, so clothing for flight home, etc can be left.

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Your clothes etc need to be in soft sided luggage as the planes to the various lodges are 6 to 8 seaters. You very well may be landing on a grassy runway. When the plane makes its run between lodges, they do not turn off the engine(s), you enter or exit from the back of the plane. The bags are loaded and unloaded in the rear behind the passengers. Check with your lodge(s), more than likely they have daily laundry included in the price of your stay. Only one lodge we stayed at last year charged for laundry and it was cheap. Enjoy your trip.

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If it is a small plane, it is probably very strict. When I took a safari in Botswana, we were limited to 12 kg and they weighed the luggage before we got on the flights. We had a couple flights on very small planes (12 seats).

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You are probably flying into the game preserves?
We noticed small aircraft in an airport, I think it was Tanzania.

We did not fly to our safari, our guide/driver drove us from Nairobi to Masa Mari in Kenya then across the border (new guide) into Tanzania.

I hear those fly in safaris are expensive.

How long is your safari. You can likely manage on 33 lbs of luggage for several days. We had lightweight safari clothes and I wore the trousers for three days and shirts for two.

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The tour is 14 days. I can easily wear the same things a few times without washing.

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Laundry is extremely cheap in Africa. In some places they won’t do your underwear so you will have to do that yourself. In all instances when we had our laundry done for us, our clothes came back cleaner than I could ever have gotten them, pressed and folded. You do not need a lot of clothes. Depending where you go and the season, you may want a warm jacket and sweater as morning game drives can be very chilly.