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First International Trip w/ my 4 y/o Global Citizen

My Quarantine Kid from the PNW is getting out -beyond Canada- to experience warm ocean water.
Destination, Placencia area in Belize, in January. I have stepped back from chartering a boat, so far. Planning it a little wait-and-see. Young Kaspar is a great traveler, interested in all sorts of things.
Any suggestions welcome and appreciated! Happy holidays!

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I visited Belize a few years back and stayed near Placencia. It's a very small village, but there are many different cultures on the peninsula. If you're driving a rental from Belize City, there are only about 6 major roads throughout the country, but you need to watch out for washout roads and bridges. It's very easy to buy fruit along the way, many people sell bananas and mangos from the road (though, I'm not sure about the season?).
I really enjoyed driving to San Ignacio and hiking to the ruins at Xunantunich. We met a local guide who described the medicinal properties of the trees as we hike through the forest to the ruins. We could hear howler monkeys all along the route. Afterwards, we had lunch with the guide at a local restaurant he recommended and learned about his life.

Placencia had a great fisherman's cooperative where you could get some amazing lobster (again, not sure if this is seasonal), the largest ones I've seen. The fishermen bring back only the tail, having discarded the torso in the ocean for the sharks and other animals to devour. Snorkeling was great though, as the waters are incredibly clear. Many people are riding bikes along the roads, and there are always pedestrians, so please be alert if you are driving. Speed humps are in place to slow down traffic; best not to hit one at 60mph. Personal experience, just saying.

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Thank you! You've sketched a beautiful vacation image. We're looking forward to the water, wildlife and diversity of it all.