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Fiji and New Zealand

I'd like to take my daughter to Fiji and NZ in June. I prefer a guided tour. Can anyone recommend a reputable tour company. Also, we are on a limited budget. Thanks

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Your best bet would be to try some of the large tour operators such as Trafalgar or Globus. It would probably be really helpful for you to have a chat with a travel agent, as they will be able to provide all the options.

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How old is your daughter? I did Magic Bus is it kind of a cross between a tour and backpacker bus. My bus had people ranging from 18-50. The bus takes you from one town to the other stopping at activities along the way. It is sort of a pay as you go. You can spent as much time at each night stop as you like, you just have to make a reservation on the next bus. Or you can stay on the same bus you were on the whole way. Not fancy, stay in hostels, but think you can upgrade. Another similar company is Kiwi Experience. No frill, carry your own bag, sleep in hostels, but think you can get a private room. We loved it. Our bus even stopped in the middle of nowhere so the driver could watch the All Blacks play in a big rugby match. It was a blast to watch in a local pub.

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Don't know how old you or your daughter are, but I'd say read up a lot on the reviews of Kiwi Experience. Great concept that you can hop-on/hop-off and stay as long as you want at any of the overnight stops, but Kiwi really caters more to a party crowd. I got an all New Zealand pass on a backpacker circuit bus from a different company, but we often crossed paths with Kiwi Experience who booked their passengers at many of the same hostels and it was a lot of 18-23 year olds who bragged about how much they drank on the buses during the day and went on pub crawls at each overnight stop. Guided tour buses are not cheap. You might do better renting a car and sticking to one island (North or South) and doing it on your own - although in June you are starting to get into their winter months and in some of the mountainous regions in the South Island you might encounter some early snow.