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Fiji Airways

Looking into travelling with Fiji Airways from Los Angeles to Nadi to Auckland in early April 2019, and returning from Nadi to San Francisco in early May 2019. Am interested in reviews of this airline, plane size, service, food, any recommendations relative to flying with them.... Thanks!

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If you want reviews, go to YouTube and search for the individual flights. You should get several videos that show the plane/experience. You can also enter your flight info in and read reviews of various seats.

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The Skytrax website gathers customer ratings, with a business-traveller orientation.
Always keep in mind that, for user-generated reviews, those with complaints are more likely to post than those who were satisfied. What one passenger finds appalling may be barely an irritation for the next person.

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Skytrax is a paid service, funded by the very airlines that Skytrax rates, and is hardly an objective source.

Since the Rick Steves forum is primarily focused on European travel, you probably won't find a whole lot of users here who have flown this airline. If you want real feedback from travelers who have actually flown this airline, you should get over to Flyertalk where you will find all the info you seek (and more).