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Fes, Morocco (Food Recommendations)

Hi Everyone,

I'm heading to Morocco in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good places to eat in Fes.

Thanks in advance!


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Sure! A few places I've enjoyed would include:

  1. Café Clock (basically an institution; excellent terrace)
  2. The Ruined Garden has good lighter foods like salads and vegetarian options
  3. Fez Cafe at Le Jardin des Biehn is pricy, but good
  4. Darori Resto for "traditional" Moroccan food
  5. Maison Moi Anan has decent Thai food for days when another tagine seems like an impossible feat.

There are many, many restaurants though. All of the ones I listed are more of the kind where tourists go and are priced accordingly. You can get to basically any of these by following the signs on the walls. For more local places, I'd say it's most helpful to do a tour or have someone show you where they like to go. Fes is pretty maze-like and while it's fun to get lost when you've got no place to be, it's less fun when you're getting close to hangry!