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Favorite Website for Discounted NYC Theater Tickets?

I haven't been to NYC as a tourist since 1999. If you have recently used a website to find discounted theater tickets - and were pleased with the results, please let me know which website.


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Sorry to post a reference to another newsboard, but because I contributed to this TA FAQ before it was "frozen" in recent months, I thought it might be helpful to you. It is important to understand the difference between the issuance of "original" tickets from their official seller, and the purchase of resale tickets from companies and persons that may have possession of tickets. It is very easy (on the internet, I mean) to foolishly believe that a URL's text actually tells you something about a certain business! And it's easy to lose track of whether you are being referred to a "website partner" or the "official seller."

It's also important to consider that many event tickets are "dynamically priced", like airline tickets, and are, like airline tickets, "wasting assets" that change their value as a certain date and time approach.

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If you want to know the absolute cheapest option for seeing any Broadway show, go to the wonderfully named website, Broadway For Broke People:

Note that many of these are lotteries, which means that you can't count on getting tickets. And some are only open to students with ID.

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Back when I went to NYC on business several times a year, I just showed up at the TKTS booth (Times Square or World Trade Center) and checked what they had for that night. It was like a grab bag -- never knew what I would see until the night of.

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We love using the TKS booth and find the World Trade one a lot quieter than the Times square one. You can get tickets for the same night and also next day matinee.