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Eva Air from Heathrow - HELP


I'm flying this evening (Sunday) to Bangjok. I am flying to Heathrow from Edinburgh with Flybe then onto Bangkok with Eva Air. It is a single booking though, not seperate.

My connection time is only 1 hour 20 minutes which has me very worried but at least I know I will be covered. What I am unsure of though is my boarding pass. I have done the online check in for Eva Air and have been given a boarding pass to print but on the boarding pass it says

'EVA Air passengers departing from Heathrow Airport who have already checked in online are requested to use a KIOSK to obtain their baggage tags and/or boarding passes'

I don't understand this part? Will the pass I have been issued be invalid from Heathrow? If I need to use a kiosk, I have no chance as they close 1 hour before departure. I don't have any bags to check in so I'm fine there.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Not familiar with EVA Air procedures at LHR, but...

You say you have done online checkin, and have a valid boarding pass. So you should be covered. That said, you may need to replace your boarding pass (this is common) for the LHR-BKK leg once you arrive in LHR - for two reasons: 1) your actual gate assignment probably isn't known far in advance, and even if they have a guess for that printed on your boarding pass, gates change, so don't rely on it; and 2) at LHR, EVA will probably want to do a passport check on you anyway, since that's your international departure point.

If it were me, upon arrival in LHR I'd first check the boards to see what your EVA gate actually is. Head there. At the gate, present your boarding pass and passport at the gate counter, they will probably tear up your existing boarding pass and print you a new one, after they've checked your passport.

Yes, that's a tight connection, but doable if you move swiftly. Hopefully on your first flight, you're seated near the door so you can be among the first to exit. Get out of that plane, head straight to one of the connecting flights/departure boards, figure out your gate, and move swiftly to that gate without any distractions. It may be helpful to study the airport layout in advance, so you don't have to waste time getting oriented.

Good luck and have fun in Thailand!

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Sorry that I’m familiar with flybe, but hadn’t been familiar with EVA Air. I now see they’re part of the Star Alliance group. So would they not have a person to ask at Heathrow, even if kiosks are their preferred method of signing in? And since you have a boarding pass, the and/or part of their message would only seem to pertain to the “baggage tags OR boarding pass” part. Seems that if you don’t need either a boarding pass or a bag tag, no kiosk would be needed.

Even if the first Heathrow person you encounter isn’t an EVA Air Representative, you might want to let someone there know about your tight connection, and they might be helpful in expediting things.

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Thanks for your help folks, I feel more confident about it now. Now I've just got to hope my FlyBe flight leaves on time. I'll add an update to let you know how I got on.


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We flew Eva air this summer with a similar situation, single booking with different connecting airlines. Not at Heathrow though, we were connecting in Vancouver.
In Vancouver, we did have to replace our boarding passes, but we were already at the gate. We had no trouble getting through security on the old boarding pass. We also had no bags to check.

I hope it all goes smoothly.