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Ethiopia - water in villages

In the Ethiopian episode, mention was made of an organization that is working to build water wells/pumps in villages for about $4k each

Can you supply the name and contact info for this group?

Thank you.
Patricia Farrell

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Maybe you should contact the office directly. Their phone number and email is at the bottom of the home page. I would email, not sure if people are in the office yet.

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If on YouTube, sometimes the credits list affiliates.

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That’s good, Patricia. When I first saw your subject “Ethiopia - water in villages”, I thought you were going to ask if it was OK for a tourist to drink the tap water in rural Ethiopia. Oy vey, thought I.

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Did not see the episode in question but there are two organizations I have heard of, with similar names: Water is Life, and Water for Life. Probably several others.

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About seven years ago, we rented an apartment in Rome, and the host turned out to be a documentary film maker.
He left us a copy of his film "Tulla: The Singing Wells", which is about Ethiopia and sharing water with your fellow man.

I believe it was screened at some well known film festivals.
Anyway, if you can access it, it's extremely interesting.

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Me again, more serious this time. This show is available on on the “watch” tab. I have not watched it yet, but I will. Among the organizations on its contact list, the only one focused on water seems to be Seattle-based “Water 1st International” at You might try that, or watch the program again online.

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Engineers Without Borders does these types of things all around the world.