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Emirate Airline

I have heard that Emirates airline only allows 1 carry on bag at 7kg and no personal item in economy class. Is this correct? Has anyone flown them before? This seems a little crazy.
Thank you

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Yes, that is the carry-on rule and bags were weighed on my flight out of Seattle. You might as well plan to check a bag.

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Seven kgs is increasingly common on flights. Why crazy? It is a safety measure to avoid potential accidents.

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thanks for the info. 7kg is great, what is strange is not being able to bring a personal item to hold a wallet, passport, kindle, lip balm for a 10 hour flight. instead you have to juggle that upon getting on the plane, wear a jacket to stuff it all in, or continually bother the person next to you to access.

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This is what I did in a similar situation. I stuffed my small “personal item” (with all the things I needed during the flight) inside the carry-on. Once I was on the plane I pulled it out before putting the carry-on above me. Now I had easy access to the personal item. No problem.

A flight attendant on Turkish Air told me a horrifying story about heavy items on planes. On one of his flights, a passenger dropped a way-to-heavy/big suitcase while getting it out of the overhead, it fell on a baby and KILLED the baby. So check the luggage!

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OMG that is terrible about the baby!
People do try and bring waayy too much stuff onboard. I always travel light and can lift the bag up and down with one hand. I am sure this will all work out. Good suggestion on the small item in bigger item. Thought of that as well

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I flew on Emirates from JFK to Milan in 2014 and twice last year. It is a lovely airline. Fantastic service, good food and comfy seats even in standard economy.
Yes they weighed my carryon bag and my personal item - which is always a daypack. So other than the weight restrictions, the carryon rules are the same as US airlines.