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Egypt Trip - scuba recs and other questions

I found this forum while doing research for my April 2022 trip to Egypt. The recent posts have been very helpful, and I have a few specific questions for those who have been there recently:

  1. I saw a lot of recommendations for Djed Travel. Has anyone used Sail the Nile ( for either the dahabiya cruise (they have one boat called The Abundance) or for planning transportation and guides in Cairo/Luxor/Aswan?

  2. My fiance loves scuba diving, so my current rough itinerary has 3 or 4 days in one of the beach towns along the Red Sea. Does anyone have any thoughts about the best places to stay? It seems like most of the best dive sites are only accessible by dive boats or long boat rides, but it would be great to find somewhere with decent shore diving. I have read mixed things about Hurghada.

  3. Is Abu Simbel worth it? We have enough time to squeeze in a day trip (probably by flying straight from Cairo as early as we can and then flying to Aswan that afternoon) but from what I can tell it will take up an entire day and add a good amount of expense.

I'm crossing my fingers the GEM is open by next April!


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Yes, Abu Simbel is definitely worth it! It was a highlight of our two weeks in Egypt.
We were on a boat on Lake Nasser and pulled right up to this awesome site. Look into sailing on Lake Nasser with so many antiquities on it’s shores. . Abu Simbel will take your breath away!

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I have been to Egypt twice and loved the Nile cruise. I missed Abu Simbel and wish I had not missed it.

Skip the beach in the Red Sea, those areas are more a threat to terrorism. Also, why do scuba in Egypt, you can do that in many other places in the World.

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Abu Simbel is absolutely worth it! One of the highlights of any trip to Egypt.