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EGYPT-suggestions/recommendations tour operators/guides & the desert oases

We are planning a 9 day visit to Egypt in March 2017. Has anyone been recently? Can anyone recommend a tour guide company that they have booked through Egypt?

Of course we will visit the Pyramids and Luxor area, Abu Simbel,but also interested in the the desert oases areas, Bahiriya or Farfra, I've been reading they are closed to tourist. Does anyone know is this still the case?

Thanks for any suggestions! Also, any suggestions on felucca rides, not interested in big cruise ship with tons of people, prefer the more authentic intimate experience of the felucca.


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We're going in January with Egypt and Beyond Travel. They're the company RS used when he traveled over there. We've dealt directly with the owner, Tarek. He's very helpful and responsive. Prices were really really good. We compared prices for tours with Audley Travel, which is US based, but just repackages and sells the same type of tour we booked, using local tour guides. We also looked at Odysseys Unlimited but Egypt and Beyond was better priced and way more flexible on dates. We didn't use their bargain priced hotels....we upgraded a bit, but you could easily do a 10 day tour with them for about $1300 per person.

As to the river cruise ships I think you're referring to, I'm being told my numerous sources that they're running about 80% empty so I don't think you'd be with tons of people.

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The Nile cruise ships are not that large. When I did the Nile in 85, the ship only held 100 passengers. Others held 200.

Feluccas are small sailing ships and we did ride one in Aswan. They are not suitable for living on the ship. The felucca we were on might hold 30 persons, but there were no toilet facilities or places to sleep.

Can't help you with the desert oasis areas.