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Egypt & Jordan November 2021

We’re scheduled to do a 14 day tour in Egypt & Jordan in November and wondered if there are mask requirements in these countries and if people adhere to them. We will be in Cairo and will do a 4 day Nile cruise. We are fully vaccinated……in Jordan we will be in Amman, Jerush and Wadi Rum. We don’t have a problem wearing our masks, but were wondering about everyone else.

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Have you been to the Middle East before? Rules are more like a suggestion. Honestly, if you are outside I can't imagine them being strict on masks. Besides the big cities (like Amman or Cairo or inside the ship), I think you won't have to wear them. I hope you're seeing Petra! It's spectacular.

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We have a tour of Israel and Jordan scheduled for March 2022 and concerned it may be cancelled due to COVID, but that is six months away, so perhaps we will be good.

I have been to Egypt twice and agree with earlier poster, that in this part of the world rules are not always followed, but be prepared to wear a mask if required.

Egypt is amazing.

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Work on the basis that no one will be wearing a mask and be pleasantly surprised if anyone is!

Not sure what the relevance of being fully vaccinated is - I know of three fully vaccinated people that have contracted Covid recently and two in their early 50s have been hospitalised with it. Vaccination reduces the risk, but it doesn’t stop getting infected or passing it to others.

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Thank you all for your input. I have another question. We are looking to get either a sim card or eSim card for Egypt and Jordan. I priced and they were pretty pricey. My Verizon provider is about the same.

We are now thinking of getting a sim card when we land in Egypt at the airport. I understand Vodafone is a good provider there. Then we can get another sim when we arrive at the Jordan airport. Do you have any suggestions on this at all?

We really need the data more than calls or texts. We're staying in nice hotels....are the hotels pretty reliable with their internet?

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I was in Egypt in May 2021 (this year): at that time, nearly 100% of locals wore masks. This included in Cairo & on the Nile cruise boat. Tourists were not so conscience. Vaccines in Egypt were scheduled for general roll-out in June, so you may want to check local sources for updates.

Regarding internet: when I was staying in Ritz Carlton & on cruise boats, the wifi was very good.

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I moved to Amman in August and people here are pretty good about masking up. But, we had moved from Southeast Asia where EVERYONE masked up all the time, and it's a bit looser here. Things seem to be getting stricter and you now have to show your proof of vaccination to enter places like grocery stores, malls, hospitals, etc.