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Egypt, end of October

We are hoping to travel to Egypt with Djed Tours at the end of October. Visiting Cairo for four days and then a Nile cruise for four days. We are both fully vaccinated. I know we will need a negative Covid test to enter Egypt. Not sure if we will have to quarantine to re-enter the USA. Any advice is appreciated!

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Not much that anyone can offer this far out, except ensure all is fully cancellable and refundable. Reality is that just because you have vaccine doesn't mean there is sufficient vaccination in other countries to hedge for adequate protection. Variants are the new uncertainty.
It's tough, but you have to just wait it out.

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Consider flying home thru Istanbul. The airport has a first rate COVID test facility so you are covered if the US reentry is still in place.

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Ask us the third week in October and we may be able to give an educated guess. No one on the planet can give you an accurate view here today, as there are too many variables.

What will Egypt require? Proof of vaccination / a negative test for entry /quarantine on entry / will cruises be permitted / will you need a negative test and/or quarantining to return to the USA?

What happens if there is an outbreak onboard? Presumably everybody would have to stay on the boat for 2 weeks to quarantine - this happened last year.

There is a view that vaccinations may only give protection for 6 months, but as they haven’t been around for the masses for long, we don’t know. Vaccinations don’t make you completely immune and you can still pass the virus on to others. Many variants are developing that the vaccines may or may not cover. Many parts of the planet are way behind in their vaccination programme. As you see, there are many variables that could affect your trip. Time will tell.

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My wife and I have been fully vaccinated and are ready to travel. We have trips planned to E. Africa (safari) in July and Italy in October. By then even more vaccinations will be administered. While the EU is way behind the US, they are moving out now.

We are in great health and even without the vaccine the mortality rate was less than 1%. With the vaccines, the risk is very small. We are ready to go.

I have been to Egypt twice. It is amazing, you will love it. The Nile cruise is great. Only four days in southern Egypt is a bit short in my opinion. I once worked in the Middle East with some Egyptians. Here are things that I recommend. Don't stray from your tour group. Don't eat street food or even dine in a restaurant less than four star hotel quality. Don't even think of drinking the water unless in a sealed bottle.

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Thank you all for your timely responses. Fully intend to have insurance that will include cancellation for any reason. The Nile Cruise will only have 10 travelers on board. However, I will ask the tour company the what if questions.