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Egypt - best time of year to go

I would love to go to Egypt, and would like to know the best time of year to go. I am a solo traveler and very flexible! I want to see the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings and maybe do some shopping!!!



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To answer your question, the early fall, September or October, probably has the best weather. However I echo the caution noted above. I've been to Egypt several times, including during the 2nd Gulf War. What I hear now, makes me very cautious, particularly as a woman traveling alone.

I suggest you spend some time reading current postings on the Thorntree forum. That will give you an idea of what current travel experiences are like. You may want to post your question there.

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You can read about Rick's personal Egypt experiences on his blog, but we don't have specific travel advice for that region.

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The best time to go is when there is political stability. . . . which is not in the near future.

By the way, the Valley of the Kings is a long way from the pyramids, which are a short way from Cairo.

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My friend Linda and her husband went there recently and had a marvelous time despite the instability. They are solo travelers who don't go on tours so they didn't feel like targets at all. They reported to me that they found everyone they encountered to be gracious and welcoming. They simply stayed away from the areas that are flashpoints. They are extremely seasoned travelers and have experience with these sorts of places.
That said, I would not attempt it myself, and I have traveled into some war-torn regions in the past. I also went with people who knew the lay of the land and understood the political situation and culture. I think right now, in that country, as a woman traveling solo, I would think twice. If you have a male friend who can accompany you, you would be safer and less vulnerable. As a westerner, that seems like such a foreign idea but you need to remember that attitudes toward women there are very different - being a woman traveling alone can put you at risk anywhere - in that part of the world it is magnified for no other reason. That's just the reality of it.