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Egypt ATMs and chip cards

Does anyone know if the ATMs in Egypt require your debit card to be a chip card?
Thank you.

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You might try posting this question on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum. I'm sure someone there will have the answer. I haven't been to Egypt but suspect ATM's might be few and far between in some areas.

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Thank you for the tip about the Lonely Planet forum. . I've received some further information that the ATMs do accept swipe and chip cards. I agree with you on availability, and the need for taking advantage of them before venturing out. Regards,

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I just returned from two weeks in Egypt. No trouble finding ATM and swipe cards are o.k., too.

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I spent three weeks in Egypt visiting antiquities. Bring plenty of cash if you will be out of town. Strip cards are fine, but US dollar (along with English pound) was king. Hotels and tours will take cards, but we got our Valley of the Kings and other tickets directly from the kiosks, which only take Egyptian pound. Bigger hotels often have banks, check for hours. Depending on what you do, a dollar tip multiple times a day quickly adds up when visiting sites. I ended up hoarding hard to come across ELP $5 notes, also a fine tip, but less than a USD. The 1$ ELP coins were a treasure (most we got in the Khan al Kahlil market). Budget each day and get the ELP you need. The extra coins and paper money at the trips end were worth so little, they were gifts themselves. The $1 GLP coin has Tut on it, and impresses everyone. BTW, no kidding, bring a roll of TP with you everywhere, and Imodium. The runs(even minor) in Egypt is a whole different animal. Enjoy!