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We will be leaving for Cairo in a few weeks. We have been there before, about 6 years ago. Has anybody been there recently and does it seem safe? We are seasoned travelers. Thank You Russ

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FYI, Rick plans to go to Egypt for filming this year (but later than you). It has been a couple of years since the last time he was there.

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Any chance if going with Rick to Egypt? We've always wanted to go but don't know who else beside Rick to trust.

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Mom and I will be using Pilgrim tours and going to Egypt, Jordan and Israel 9/27-10/15/15. We land in Cairo on 9/28/15 and stay overnight, then the next day we will be taking a Nile river cruise for 4 days, and then back to Cairo and then from there we will be going to Jordan and Israel. The trip is 19 days, and for all that we will be seeing it is a good deal. Here is the link.

As far as safety, I believe it will be fine. My theory is that I am not going to Irag, Syria or Afghanistan. Yes I will be in the middle east, but I will not be anywhere near the borders of those countries, so I have faith that it will be fine. Mom and I traveled to Turkey in 2012 and everyone was like but there is a civil war going on in Syria...we were not anywhere near the border and we had a wonderful time.