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Edmonds, Wa

Article on Rick at home from WaPo. Protesting! (nicely) in Edmonds
Perhaps the worst vice? Reclining his economy seat on the airplane. The horror ;-))

my gift to you

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That was really fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

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I loved the three ring binder that was the beginning of Europe Through the Back Door. What a reminder that from acorns great oaks are born. Thanks, Mark!

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I live in Edmonds WA and Rick is something of a minor celebrity here. We see him sometimes when dining out or at the supermarket. I don't agree with everything he says, especially about collecting miles and points, which were the ONLY way I could travel when I was younger and didn't have as much disposable income, but he has done a lot for the community. Good luck with trying to get locals out of their cars though. There's still a stigma about public transportation and most people only walk to walk their dogs.

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I am astounded at the amount of money that Rick has donated to the local (and beyond) community. Millions & millions of dollars to benefit the citizens. What a legacy that is. Perhaps he should buy some politicians on the City council to get his Piazza! I keed, I keed.

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It was a good article. I think our host's talent and energy would have made him millions in almost any field, it was just our luck that he chose travel. There's another thread with links to his video promotions of bus rides in Edmonds and neighboring cities, a kick to watch since he sounds just like he's describing European travel.

Edmonds is a nice city that I visit every summer. Since I come by boat I don't see much of it, or ride the bus, but I always enjoy it.

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Interesting read about Rick.. Thanks for sharing it. I have never seen or heard anything about Asia, Through The Back Door.
Is anyone familiar with it? Or is it "before your time" and too old?
Just curious. :)