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Eating in Iceland

Well this is my first post to the forum after years of following along! Hopefully there are some Iceland travelers out there...

My husband and I are visiting Reykjavík in the beginning of May, and we'll be staying at the CenterHotel Thingholt at Thingholtsstraeti 3-5, apparently right in the center of town.

While I eat some seafood and normally don't have an aversion to it, my husband doesn't eat any. Does anyone have any recommendations for great restaurants (price not really a factor, though it would be great not to break the bank) that offers some non-seafood dishes? We have Lonely Planet's Iceland book, but we'd rather have personal recommendations as to what's good and what's not.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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Reykjavik has a feel of a small town. We liked particularly 2 restaurants. Unfortunately I don't remember their names or names of streets they were on. Icelandic is a very difficult language. Pakistani restaurant - it is close to Visitor Center. They would know. The other is on the street leading from downtown to the biggest Lutheran Cathedral there (at least I think so). It is somewhat upscale Icelandic restaurant and I had a very good lamb meat there. I think people in Visitor Center would be able to navigate you to that one, too. I am sure they can advise you about other restaurants, too. By the way Iceland is in Europe.